Aiden Johnson
CEO of TGMstudios

Computer Engineering

    I’m in the process of developing a replica of Star Wars’ R2D2 robot. To code this I am using a scripting language called C++. I am also developing and coding a video game called AquaStrike, which is an underwater environment, multiplayer video game. To code AquaStrike, I use a coding language called C#. I am also on the audio and visual tech team at San Diego First Church for services and events.


    I play golf because it is a slow and calm game. Tennis is fun because it is a fast and competitive game. I also like to snowboard, because it is fast and I have to plan ahead, be alert, and make quick decisions.

Humanitarian / Service Work

    I did mission work in Honduras providing toys to village kids and doing bible study. Each summer I volunteer to lead preschool aged kids at Vacation Bible School.

TGMstudios is a game development company created by Aiden Johnson, in California